What is Ear Candling?

The ancient art of ear candling, used for centuries by The Chinese, Egyptians and other cultures, can help your body rid itself of a wide range of health problems, but it can also help heal infections by clearing out the lymphatic system. Ear candling assists in this cleansing by removing vaporized lymph matter.

Candling has been reported to remove candida infections as an ear candling practitioner, I use a specially made hollow cone of soft muslin impregnated with a light coat of beeswax and essential oils. The narrow end f the cone is placed in the opening of the ear and the candle is lit. This creates a vacuum which in conjunction with light precision massage to sinus and lymph node areas, draws out old wax, lymph matter, and fungus out of the ear.

Although no guarantees can be made as to the results, people throughout the ages have found ear candling beneficial!


1 Hour | $80.00