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Having over 25 years experience in medical technologies ranging from Doctor of Natural Medicines, with a Bachelor Degree in Health Science, Field Paramedic, Licensed Massage Therapist- specializing in accident recovery, Iridologist, Herbologist and Parasitology afforded her the knowledge on many levels of the human body on this physical plane. She realized that in treating her patients many illnesses and diseases seemed to emanate from the lack of special spiritual needs. These special needs can be developed to enhance existing spirituality through Intuitive Consultations.

Today Dr. Pierce has transitioned into providing many services including intuitive re-connective healing and consultations to assist and guide individuals in our clinic or remotely. She stated that being a fourth generation Intuitive and being surrounded with works of enlightenment that offering her services is one of the most rewarding experiences as she can facilitate and disentangle concerns to many of life’s questions and be a channel of blessings to others. For information or to request an appointment, please Click Here to contact us at Majestic Halos or call Lake Consulting at (337) 224-1004. Personal checks and major credit cards are accepted and processed through Pay-Pal. Please confirm your reading at the above number prior to issuing payment and let us know if you are interested in a half hour or a full hour session, by phone or in person. All readings are conducted Central Standard Time.


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