Irlen Syndrome: The Syptoms

The symptoms of Irlen Syndrome are wide-ranging, but the solutions -Irlen colored overlays and Irlen Spectral Filters (worn as either glasses or contacts) – are straightforward and available to you. Irlen addresses the underlying perceptual processing difficulties and light sensitivity that can contribute to reading difficulties, headaches, and attention difficulties. Irlen also can play a role in the challenges experienced by many individuals who have been diagnosed with dyslexia, autism, concussion syndrome and traumatic brain injury, or who have a misdiagnosis of ADHD. You and your child deserve a treatment for ADD that is non-invasive, a solution for headaches that is immediate, an alternative treatment for autism that addresses sensory overload, and a successful way to combat the light sensitivity and physical symptoms caused by head injury. The Irlen Method is a straightforward solution that offers immediate results.

While there are many different problems,
there is only one clear answer.

For over 30 years the Irlen Method has delivered the right results for clients around the globe. We encourage you to contact a certified Irlen diagnostician to determine if Irlen Spectral Filters will provide the relief you have been waiting for. For decades, the Irlen Method, developed by Helen Irlen, has provided real solutions and direct relief for longstanding problems. Let Irlen show you how much better life can be.

Dr. Leslie Pierce is a certified Irlen screener and can be contacted to offer educational presentations on Irlen Syndrome. Dr Pierce is available for in-services and workshops for interested groups.

Contact Dr. Leslie Pierce for to schedule a testing appointment today.

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